About us

Our long Armato family tradition as olive oil producers is confirmed by an inscription found on an old olive press dating back to 1871. Several generations have followed since when, until 1968, Aldo Armato moved the family business from Stellanello to Alassio, where, together with his wife Laura, he kept on injecting passion and craftmanship into the business. Today, his young successors – his daughter Alessandra with her husband Giordano – despite the appeal of available new technology, have decided to stick to traditional olive oil production methods. At the same time, they are committed to constant improvement in order to produce highly genuine extra virgin oil.

You are welcome to visit our mill, during harvesting and milling, from November to March. We use millstones, and follow the traditional cold pressed method. Our extra virgin olive oil has very low acidity, is easy to digest, unfiltered, sweet, and delicately fruity. Every year in December, you are all invited to the FESTIVAL OF THE NEW OIL, where you can relive old traditions and taste our new oil and other typical product.