09/12/2016 - Festival of The New Oil

Like every year, the traditional  “Festival of the New Oil” fully dedicated to tasting and sampling typical Ligurian food and products and, obviously enough, the new oil will take place at the beginning of December. Our delicious “farinata” (chickpea flatbread) cooked in a wood-fired brick oven, home-made bread, and “panissa” (another typical Ligurian recipe with chickpea flour) will be served as a “base” to taste our new oil. Don’t miss also our pizza and typical Ligurian  “focaccia”…  You are all invited!
08 e 09 Dicembre 2012

26/05/2012 - Meet Pesto in Alassio


Every year, together with the Municipality of Alassio, the Istituto Alberghiero (Culinary School) F.M. Giancardi of Alassio, Associazione Vecchia Alassio, we organize the event  "Alassio vi presenta il pesto”.  This year event, providing information and entertainment entirely dedicated to King Pesto, will be held on May 26 2012...
For the whole day, the entire piazza Partigiani will be full of stands somehow related to pesto: typical food and produce, books, plants, cooking classes on how to make pesto with the traditional mortar, tasting, and guided tests. At 11,00  a.m. the Search and Rescue Dog Unit of the Italian Red Cross will showcase a rescue demonstration. In the afternoon, a pesto making contest with mortar will be held for younger contestants. From 5 p.m., students of F.M. Giancardi Culinary School will cook “trofie al pesto” for free distribution to all visitors.

01/02/2012 - Pesto on Snow

The first ever cooking contest on skis will require all competitors to carry a mortar duly “loaded” with basil leaves of the best Ligurian (D.O.P – Protected Designation of Origin) quality, garlic, pecorino cheese, pine-seeds, coarse marine salt, and extra virgin olive oil. They will have to ski down the slope paying attention to both the mortar and the gates ... On the ski slopes of Palabione, the many tourists from Eastern Europe will have the opportunity to learn to make pesto with the traditional mortar and enjoy the tastes of Liguria. Before the sport competition, the young chefs of the Culinary School supported by their own teachers will illustrate the traditional recipe of  Genoese Pesto to competitors.  At the end of the contest the “best high flying pesto” will win.  Tasting and hands-on experiments with pesto-making will be offered to everybody, who will have the opportunity to use the mortar and take home the outcome of their culinary performance. A stand will be installed near the ski slopes touting only typical products, basil plants, mortars, as well as show-casing some old tools and equipment from Frantoio Armato. The project designed by the “Communication Team” of Istituto Giancardi of Alassio aims at promoting Ligurian typical cuisine. In particular, the event intends to promote products and tourism of our region to the many Czech and Polish tourists who are spending their winter holiday in Valtellina.