Acrobatic pesto making competition on skis

Aprica, February 1,  2012. The ski slopes of Aprica, from Palabione to Magnolta, covered by a new fresh layer of snow, have acquired the blue color of Liguria and the green color of pesto, thanks to the event “Pesto al mortaio sugli sci” organized by Istituto Alberghiero (Culinary School) of Alassio. The competition which was held at Campetti of Alpe Vago, involved both adults on skis and children at the taste laboratories coordinated by Giordano and Alessandra of Frantoio Armato and run by the young chefs and tourist office girls of “Giancardi” Institute.

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Bread and oil on Palabione’s ski slopes


On Aprica’s ski slopes, students of Giancardi Institute have been offering to children organic afternoon snacks prepared by Frantoio Armato  …
Great success of the pesto making contest on skis at Aprica
Savona. The pesto making contest on skis took place on the ski slopes of Aprica on Wednesday Feb 1. The event was sponsored by the Province of Savona, Regione Liguria, and the Municipality of Alassio, and it was organized by the Municipality of Aprica, the Istituto Alberghiero (Culinary School) of Alassio, and Frantoio Armato, in collaboration with Azienda Agricola Sartori Torre Pernice and Azienda Agricola Ziliani of Andora......

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Cibi di coppia | Lui e lei, innamorati e produttori | In scena a Rapallo sabato 2 giugno

Degustazione di prodotti liguri al Parlacomemangi di Rapallo

Extra virgin olive oil from Alassio takes on “VIP” tables

Green gold. This old definition was used to identify extra virgin olive oil. Liguria is a land of precious cultivars, such as Taggiasca in Western Liguria, a unique and outstanding olive variety with a limited production....

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Great success of “Il pesto in piazza”

"Pesto in piazza" (Street Pesto) the event created by Alessandra and Giordano of Frantoio Armato has been a great success. Alassio high streets have resumed their seasonal activity by collaborating in the organization of a major street event in Alassio.  Crowds of people interested in tasting pesto and learning how to prepare the most famous sauce in the world have visited the event....

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Olive juice? No thanks

The debate is open. A study on a new name to extra virgin olive oil is spreading discontent. The suggested new name would be "olive juice", but producers are fighting back. They want to maintain ancient traditions and in particular  they, quite rightly, claim that this would jeopardize a major, successful production of Liguria’s Western Riviera....

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Pesto puts on skis

The first ever cooking contest on skis will require all competitors to carry a mortar duly “loaded” with basil leaves of the best Ligurian (D.O.P – Protected Designation of Origin) quality, garlic, pecorino cheese, pine-seeds, coarse marine salt, and extra virgin olive oil. They will have to ski down the slope paying attention to both the mortar and the gates ...

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Successo per la competizione di pesto al mortaio sugli sci ad Aprica