Flavoured condiments and oils for your table for sale

The Mediterranean scents and the green of our olive groves have always accompanied us in our daily work. And it is precisely from this sensorial experience that the love for the genuine flavours linked to our land is born. They are the same shared by our grandparents, who patiently handed down the love for good things.

Our flavoured condiments and oils, for example, are made with simple ingredients, local wild herbs, or the fruits of our plants.

Starting from our extra virgin olive oil we have created a line of tasty condiments for those who love company, and that will make your dishes special. Like garlic and chilli oil, excellent on pasta and pizza, juniper oil, with its unmistakable aroma, or lemon oil, to embellish fish carpaccio, but also vegetables and salads.
Not to mention our wine vinegar, made from a selection of grapes and aged in oak barrels, or our Modena balsamic vinegar, ever-present in every kitchen.

Finally, to keep Ligurian aromas in your home for a long time, we offer you a selection of unique flavours: oregano, pine nuts and chilli

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