Pesto, pâté and creams

Pesto, pâté and typical Ligurian creams for sale

From precious fruits like our olives, the only possible result is outstanding, tasty products. This is why we let ourselves be inspired by the tradition of our land to create the Frantoio Armato pesto, pâté and creams. Our spreadable delights are born from the memories of flavours from the past but are also enriched by our experiences, curiosity towards new combinations and our love for conviviality.

It is therefore from the recipes tried with family and friends that the products for our customers are born. Sauces, pesto and olive pâté made with extra virgin olive oil and only the best local ingredients. Like our unpasteurized pesto, made with only Genoese PDO basil and Italian pine nuts. We do not use cheese – which we suggest adding directly on the plate – to offer you a fresh and preservative-free product. You can find it in three different versions: the classic pesto from Alassio, the garlic-free pesto, and the red pesto enriched with tomatoes. Excellent for seasoning pasta, but also on bruschetta!

For aperitifs with friends or as delicious appetizers, we have thought of a series of pâtes for all tastes. Of course, there is the classic olive pâté, but also we added tasty variants, such as caper pâté, or artichoke pâté. A novelty that makes us very proud is the A ciacrinusa pâté, with a spicy and intense character. Finally, the creams and sauces with which enrich first courses with Ligurian aromas: the walnut cream, the Ligurian-style sauce and the olive sauce

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