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Cosmetic products with olive oil for face and body for sale

The infinite properties of olive oil have been known since ancient times. Its dense consistency and its perfume make it perfect for softening the skin and soothing it from the deleterious effects of sun and wind. If women once knew from experience how precious olive oil-based cosmetics were for their beauty, today science confirms it. Monounsaturated fatty acids present in large quantities – such as oleic acid – guarantee a nourishing and emollient effect on the skin. The now well-known antioxidant properties also represent an additional aid in countering ageing and repairing damage caused by the elements.

Because of our trust in the infinite properties of olive oil, to create our unique beauty products we have relied on a dermatological laboratory specializing in natural cosmetics. We have created a body line consisting of detergents, shower gel, shampoo, and sun lotions with different protection factors; a face line for every need, with a wide choice of olive oil-based products such as firming anti-wrinkle face cream, cleansing milk, or regenerating face mask.

Finally, we are convinced that beauty must be defended above all from within. This is why we have included herbal teas in our catalogue of olive oil-based cosmetics, perfect allies of our well-being. They are all worth trying: our pure after-meal herbal tea, with digestive properties, the serene relaxing herbal tea, for peaceful nights, or the phytosnella herbal tea that helps in diets, ideal for those who want to stay in shape.

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