Artisan pasta

Traditional Ligurian artisan pasta for sale

For many, Italy on the table means pasta: each region has its own types of fresh and dried artisan pasta and Liguria boasts one of the oldest traditions. Thanks to the climate of our region, caressed by the gentle wind from the sea, for centuries the natural drying process has been easier here than anywhere else.

A symbol of conviviality in the kitchen, pasta is the queen of first courses: impossible to resist. The versatility of the combinations to which it lends itself easily satisfies all ages. We love to offer our customers our most cherished traditions, those that remind us of moments spent in the family, and which we hope will inspire them as well.

For this reason, in our catalogue, we offer a choice of types of traditional Ligurian artisan pasta: the classic trofie to be enjoyed with our traditional pesto and their special variant, the basil trofie, excellent with tomato sauce. Another lesser-known Ligurian pasta speciality is croxetti, decorated medallions, also excellent with pesto, green beans and potatoes.

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