Savoury preserves

Savoury land and sea preserves for sale

You can’t say you love a land if you don’t know its culinary tradition. Savoury preserves represent the tool with which our grandmothers in Liguria, as well as throughout all the rest of Italy, kept the fruits that the earth offered them during the different seasons. A gentle way of enhancing the gifts of nature, thinking of the times when these delicacies are not available. The preserves are created to enrich the table on holidays and to share unusual delicacies with your loved ones.

From these premises – and from the vivid memory of old traditions – the will to preserve the best fruits from the garden and beyond arrived at us. Enriched with our extra virgin olive oil and our vinegar, or au naturel, we have created a selection of savoury preserves perfect for all occasions and which will satisfy even the most difficult palates.
From the land come the tasty grilled artichokes, or their simpler version, the artichokes in extra virgin olive oil; as well as another speciality of our territory: the trumpet courgettes in olive oil; in the woods around here, we picked the fine porcini mushrooms in olive oil and dried porcini mushrooms or, alternatively, the chiodini mushrooms in olive oil.

We have enclosed the scent of the Ligurian Sea in our savoury fish-based preserves: natural tuna, tuna in olive oil, salted anchovies and anchovy fillets in oil. Real taste opportunities not to be missed!

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